Disasters, enemies, and incompetence conspire to make each shift aboard the station a unique and hellish experience.
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Update Vlog - 74 - (Meteor Swarm Revamp, Pipe Stacking Removal, General Game Balancing)

The content freeze is over, and there were a number of notable PRs merged during the freeze and shortly after. Meteor swarms are now much more deadly and can breach through many layers of walls. Pipe stacking was removed, changing the way Atmos has to do pretty much everything. Many combat QoL additions were added, such as wielding autodropping items, shooting over stunned people, etc. Finally, there were a ton of QoL features and balance changes across various levels of content in the game.

Update Vlog - 73 - (Ghost Role Raffles, Bullets Pass Over Crit Bodies, Robotics Console)

This week brings loads of new features and content additions. Impactful ghost roles like ninjas or dragons now have a raffle before the role is given out. This gives all players interested in the role an equally random chance of obtaining the role once the timer ends. Space dragons can breathe fire now, ninjas have a new objective, and emagged cyborgs are more stealthy. Also this week, bullets will now pass over critically injured mobs unless you aim directly at them.

Update Vlog - 72 - (Train Station, Sleeper Agents, Anti Rotting Chem)

This week brings a new station to play on; it is named Train Station. The train station features departments stacked in a linear fashion that resembles a train shape. The syndicate not only sends agents at the beginning of a shift but may also awaken sleeper agents in the middle of the shift. Chemists can now make an anti-rot reagent with a little help from botany to prevent crew members from perma dying.
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