Disasters, enemies, and incompetence conspire to make each shift aboard the station a unique and hellish experience.
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Update Vlog - 77 - (Syndicate Raid Suit, Throwing Rework, Bartending Tweaks)

This week brings a powerful new suit of armor, available only to nuclear operatives. It is a well-rounded suit that is not space-faring, meaning it must be used with specific plans in mind. Throwing has been changed to allow for significantly more precision when throwing objects and weapons. Bartenders now have to shake or stir specific drinks, giving a bit more variety in their bartending methods.

Update Vlog - 76 - (Vox, Giant Asteroid Dungeons, Nukie Nerfs)

This week introduces a bird-like species known as the Vox. The Vox must breathe pure nitrogen; otherwise, they will take hefty poison damage until they get pure nitrogen in their lungs. Salvage has received some new content in the form of “VGRoid.” The VGRoid is a giant asteroid with hundreds of ore deposits and salvage expedition dungeons that generate on them. The aesteroids are filled with danger, but have more materials than you’d ever need to get through a shift.

Update Vlog - 74 - (Meteor Swarm Revamp, Pipe Stacking Removal, General Game Balancing)

The content freeze is over, and there were a number of notable PRs merged during the freeze and shortly after. Meteor swarms are now much more deadly and can breach through many layers of walls. Pipe stacking was removed, changing the way Atmos has to do pretty much everything. Many combat QoL additions were added, such as wielding autodropping items, shooting over stunned people, etc. Finally, there were a ton of QoL features and balance changes across various levels of content in the game.
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