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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Links These are the official Space Wizards domains:,,, Any other domain is not affiliated with us. Space Station 14 Downloads Steam Game Wiki Official Forums Socials Patreon (Finances) Lemmy Discord Mastodon Twitter Development GitHub Organization Game Repository Engine Repository Documentation RSIEdit Official Servers The official servers are called “Wizard’s Den” on the launcher/hub. If you’ve been banned in any of them, you may appeal your ban here.


System Requirements Every Platform: Minimum 64-bit CPU & OS Memory: 2GB Ram Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 or greater Storage: 512MB disk space Recommended 64-bit CPU & OS Memory: 4GB Ram Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 or greater Storage: 1GB disk space Windows: Windows 10 1607 or above VC++ 2015 Redistributable Linux: OpenAL Freetype macOS: Monterey (12) or greater FAQ What about 32-bit support? 32-bit (x86) is not supported. All modern CPUs are 64-bit, there is no reason for us to continue supporting 32-bit.

About Space Station 14

What is Space Station 14? Space Station 14 is inspired by the cult classic SS13 and tells the story of an ordinary shift on a space station gone wrong. Immerse yourself into your role, tinker with detailed systems, and survive the chaos in this round-based multiplayer role playing game. Your custom character can spawn as one of dozens of crew and enemy jobs, ranging from engineer to captain, or even a traitor, each with its own unique gear.