Frequently Asked Questions

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Space Station 14



Official Servers

The official servers are called “Wizard’s Den” on the launcher/hub. If you’ve been banned in any of them, you may appeal your ban here.

If you’ve been banned in a third-party server, there’s nothing we can do. You’ll have to appeal your ban with them.

Q: Is the game free?

Yes, and it will always be. If you want to support us, check out our Patreon.

Q: Is It Cursed?


Q: Where can I download the Standalone version of the game?

In our downloads page.

Q: Where can I sign up for the Steam Playtest?

In our official Steam page. We give access to everyone in the queue every other week.

Q: Are there any differences between the Steam and Standalone versions of the game?

No. Steam does get automatic updates to the launcher but otherwise they are functionally identical.

In the future we intend to add some better integration such as the ability to log into the game via Steam or Steam Cloud synchronization of settings, but these are not currently present.

Q: How do I learn to play the game?

Check out our beginner’s guide and the rest of our player wiki.

Q: Are you the original creator of SS13?

Yes/No. The original creator of SS13 would be Exadv1 in 2003. Since its open-sourcing in 2006, the community has been the developers of SS13. Many of our devs are coders, contributors, admins and hosts of various SS13 communities, but none of us were there in 2003.

Q: What Language/Engine is SS14 written in?

It’s written in C# using our own engine; Robust Toolbox. C# is a good language and it’s perfect for this project. It’s easy to pick up, comfortable to write and pretty fast.

Q: Can I help?

Of course! Our Discord server is the best place to ask questions and get help. We also have guides on our Dev Wiki on getting setup and coding.

Q: Does SS14 support multiple codebases/servers like SS13?

Of course! You can checkout our hosting guide to get started.

Note: If you’re just looking to host a private server to mess around in solo play or test stuff, it’s much less hassle to just build the game yourself which will compile a local client/server for you.

Q: Where can I read the rules for servers using the public hub?

You can read them here.

Q: Can I use SS14’s engine to make other games?

Yes, we even have templates for both singleplayer and multiplayer games to help get you started.

Q: Is There a Patreon? Can I donate?

Yes. We started a Patreon in order to pay for productivity software, server hosting, art commissions, and more! In addition to providing rewards, we will also regularly post a financial statement that shows how our income is being used in the game’s development. We want to give our patrons full trust and confidence, and we believe that being 100% transparent about how the money is being used is best.

Our finances are public in this regularly updated google sheet.

Q: How can I appeal an in-game ban?

If you have been banned from the official “Wizard’s Den” servers, you can appeal your ban in our forums.

Make sure your post follows the ban template

Q: Where can I read the rules for the official game servers?

You can read them here.

Q: Help! My game is crashing, where do I get help?

You can ask for help in our Discord server in the #help channel, or on our forums.

Q: How do I enable logging?

On the launcher’s options tab, enable “log client” and “log launcher”. Press “Open Log directory” to see the logs.

Q: Will the game run on Windows 7 or 8?

The game will not run on Windows 7/Windows 8 and there’s nothing anyone can do to change this. We suggest you upgrade to a modern and supported operating system.