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Update Vlog - 72 - (Train Station, Sleeper Agents, Anti Rotting Chem)

This week brings a new station to play on; it is named Train Station. The train station features departments stacked in a linear fashion that resembles a train shape. The syndicate not only sends agents at the beginning of a shift but may also awaken sleeper agents in the middle of the shift. Chemists can now make an anti-rot reagent with a little help from botany to prevent crew members from perma dying.

Update Vlog - 71 - (New Map, Slime Species Update, Portable Recharger)

This week brings a new station to play on; it is named Oasis. This station features a large park at its center and a massive mining-themed perma brig that is not attached to the station, which leaves a lot of room for unique gameplay. Syndicate librarians may now purchase cane swords; syndicates in general may now purchase syndicats. Science has received some tech tree changes, with the cargo telepad being bumped down to tier two, as well as new tier three tech under the arsenal tree provides a portable recharger for all your mobile battery needs.

Update Vlog - 70 - (Loadouts, Jukebox, Killer Tomato)

This week brings customizable role-specific loadouts. In the lobby, you can customize your loadout for every role, from jumpsuits to backpack types. Botanists can now grow their own personalized army through the form of killer tomatoes. The chameleon projector allows syndicate agents to blend into their environment by copying the appearance of nearly any object. As well as other content additions, bug fixes, and balancing tweaks over the week.

Progress Report #38: Oh Baby a Triple

Oh yeah. We have a ton of huge changes like oldchat, machine upgrade improvements, playtime tracking, and more! We have some catching up to do, so this PR covers August through October 2022. As a consequence, we’ve gone insane skipped the Minor Changes.