New Maps

This progress report sees the addition of not one, not two, but three entirely new maps:

  • Bagel Station by Emisse
  • Moose Station by Emisse
  • NSS Pillar by Peptide90

Bagel Station

Contributed by Emisse

Eagle-eyed readers might notice that we teased this map in the last Progress Report. Bagel is a comfy midpop station.

Moose Station

Contributed by Emisse

Moose Station is a low population station smaller than Packed but a bit larger than Saltern. Set on an asteroid base, this station is dingy and dirty.

NSS Pillar

Contributed by Peptide90

NSS Pillar goes for a wide and thin station rather than something sprawling with arms. It supports a mid/large population.



In case you missed the previous progress report, this is the second part of a two-part special to bring the progress reports up-to-date with the laundry list of changes recently. This progress report covers February 2022.

Drones & Drone Hats

Contributed by Rane and mirrorcult

Rane added yet another workplace hazard in the form of drones, a new ghost role that spawns with a variety of tools and materials for construction. Drones can maintain or create as they please - provided they don’t violate their one rule of not interfering with station personnel.

mirrorcult later added the ability for drones to wear hats, paving the way for Space Station 14 to become the premier space-themed hat simulator.

Beautiful Botany Buffs

Contributed by Rane

Rane has added several new plants for aspiring Botanists: poppies, aloe, lingzhi, ambrosia vulgaris, galaxythistle, and fly amanita. All of them have various medicinal or chemical effects.

Additionally, most healthy foods now contain some vitamins and/or protein, which can heal you slightly.

Blood & Bleeding

Contributed by mirrorcult and Rane

During recent medical examinations, Central Command determined an alarming fact: the average spaceman did not, in fact, have blood and were instead running on a combination of grain alcohol and Space-Up™.

mirrorcult has rectified this problem by restoring the crew’s blood, which will now flow copiously when taking brute damage and can lead to further damage from blood loss. Rane also applied this to xenos and drones, who will bleed acid and oil respectively.

Butchering Improvements

Contributed by mirrorcult

The Chef and other psychopaths can now butcher small animals using only a knife or other sharp object, and to make matters worse whenever a mob is gibbed it will now spill all of its blood and other reagents all over the floor.

Role Bans

Contributed by ShadowCommander

Naughty clowns and grossly incompetent heads of staff can now face the consequences of their actions; role bans have been added. For the unaware, role bans are like regular server bans but they only ban you from playing as a particular station job. Think about that the next time you let everyone loot the armory!

Possums, Raccoons, & Ferrets

Contributed by Willhelm53

Possums, ferrets, and trash pandas have been smuggled to SS14 from Goonstation. The Janitor’s new best friends are even pettable, though some of them may enjoy it more than others…

Microwave Rework

Contributed by mirrorcult


Fun fact, that onomatopoeia is the name of the bit of code in both SS13 and SS14 that handles microwaving things. Speaking of microwaving things, the microwave has been refactored and now has several new interactions:

  • Microwaves now actually heat entities and their reagent solutions.
  • Ramen now needs to be properly heated in a microwave.
  • Don’t put anything metal or plastic in the microwave.
  • Another fun thing for you to discover on your own.


Contributed by Rane

Rane added the favorite tool of every traitor and nuclear operative in space: the Cryptographic Sequencer, also known as an Electromagnetic Card (or “Emag”). This tool permanently breaks open any lock it is used on, and may have some… interesting effects when applied to other machines and equipment. Find them at your nearest Syndicate uplink today!

Ghost Orbiting

Contributed by mirrorcult

Ghosts can now orbit things that they find interesting, and whenever that thing moves the ghosts will move with it. Spend the rest of the round haunting your killer, or the clown that stole your shoes.

Examine Enhancements

Contributed by mirrorcult

mirrorcult has really spruced up examining things. Different information can now be categorized, for example if you examine a wire you can now get a detailed breakdown of the powernet by selecting the Power category. These categories also have buttons that you can directly click from object tooltips, so you can skip going through the right-click menus.

More Station Events

Contributed by moony

Two new station events have been added by moony: SS13’s classic vent clog event, and a breaker flip event which turns off a few random APCs. Engineers will have a little more work to do keeping the station running smoothly.

Portable Flashers

Contributed by scaly-chimp

Security can now troll the crew lock down an area by deploying a portable flasher. Powergamers had better find some sunglasses!

Syndicate Mothership

Contributed by LittleBuilderJane

The first version of a Syndicate ship has been added by LittleBuilderJane. The Syndicate Mothership will be a staging point for fluke ops elite Nuclear Operatives sometime soon™.

More Xenoarchaeology Effects

Contributed by Macoron

The last progress report introduced us to the new xenoarchaeology artifacts, and now Macoron has gone and added even more potential effects. The new artifact effects include changing the area’s temperature, emitting radiation pulses, and creating a random gas. Be careful!


Contributed by HoofedEar

A new job has been added which isn’t typically found on Space Station 13: The Musician. The Musician is a new civilian job that spawns with a few instruments to bring entertainment to the crew and showcase SS14’s superior musical capabilities.

Respiration Rework

Contributed by mirrorcult

Deep breaths everyone, respiration has been completely refactored. Harmful gasses are now harmful to breathe, inhaled gasses are now converted to their respective reagents and metabolized, and it now takes you a moment to fully recover from suffocating. The refactor also improves the code quality and lays the groundwork for more medical changes to come.

Door Remotes

Contributed by WlarusFromDaSpace

Have you ever wanted to open the Armory when all you meant to do was change the TV channel? Well with the new door remotes, now you can! Door remotes come in several flavors, and Heads of Staff can find the one for their department in their locker. Don’t leave that thing lying around.

Slimeperson Tweaks

Contributed by mirrorcult

Slimepeople have had some changes to further differentiate them from humans. Here’s the highlights:

  • Slimepeople no longer breathe, but take extra pressure damage.
  • Slimepeople are hurt by water, but acids are fine.
  • Slimepeople are now resistant to poison and blunt damage, but weak to slashing, piercing, and cold damage.

Stationstation Salvage

Contributed by metalgearsloth

Stationstation, which the oldest community members may recall, was the original map for testing Space Station 14. It now makes a glorious return as a salvage map, enabling you to smash some SS14 history into pieces and harvest it for valuable resources. I’m sure there’s a metaphor for capitalism somewhere in that statement, now get back to work!

Misc. Changes

  • Atmos pipes are placeable. Contributed by DubiousDoggo
  • Fixed small amounts of liquid making massive spills. Contributed by Ygg01
  • PDAs now have ringtones, which you can customize. Contributed by TheDarkElites
  • March 9th is now celebrated. Contrbuted by mirrorcult
  • Added cup ramen. Contributed by Fishfish458
  • Animals and holoparasites are now pettable. Contributed by Willhelm53
  • Circuit boards are now made in the new Circuit Imprinter. Contributed by Rane
  • Admins can now freeze players. Contributed by mirrorcult


Actions Rework & Mapping Actions

Contributed by ElectroSR

ElectroSR really did a number on how actions work internally. It’s hard to really show that to you, dear reader, but he followed it up with the ability to add mapping shortcuts to the actions hotbar, which is certainly going to make life a lot easier for mappers. There’s even a preset of useful actions, available via the /loadmapacts command.

Decal Placer

Contributed by mirrorcult

Mappers now have another new tool in their arsenal, the Decal Placer. It’s a handy little menu for adding tile decals with the ability to easily change the color, rotation, and whether or not the decal can be cleaned up.

PVS Refactor

Contributed by Paul

We have managed to hit 110 players in a live round without any server slowdown, thanks in large part to recent performance improvements in how we send game states to the client. Our goal is to be able to reach 300 players on a large station without any lag!

This system is also in charge of only sending nearby entities to each player in order to avoid cheating; said entities are collectively known as the player’s Potentially Visible Set or PVS for short.


Contributors Since Last Progress Report

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