Nuclear Operatives

Contributed by PaulRitter & metalgearsloth

The Nanotrasen Quarterly Threat Assessment™ has been published, and it seems the Syndicate are now employing Nuclear Operatives hell-bent on blowing stations back to the Stone Age. All Nanotrasen facilities are advised to be on alert and to neutralize these operatives with extreme prejudice. Additionally, Captains are instructed to ensure the location and safety of the Nuclear Authentication Disk at all times.


Contributed by moony & metalgearsloth

With Nuke Ops comes Secret, the new (to SS14) default mode that doesn’t tell you who or what the antags are, or if there’s any at all to begin with.

Secret’s true mode can be influenced by weighing modes differently, requiring certain conditions such as minimum/maximum players, and more.

Not immediately knowing what antagonist to counter should spice up the rounds nicely.

Station Alert Levels

Contributed by vulppine & Morb0

Code Red! All hands on deck! Battlestations!

That’s right, the communications console can now designate a station’s alert level, thus keeping the crew informed of how fearful they should be for their lives. Central Command also has access to even higher tiers of alert level. In the event of a Delta or Epsilon alert, please pray to your deity of choice or hide in the nearest available fridge.

Console Command Completion

Contributed by PJB

There is now a system for console command completions. Completions are easy enough to write, and a decent chunk of commands already have them.


Contributed by 20kdc

Previously, when the server updated or restarted, players would have to close the game and reconnect from the launcher. While the restart of the game still needs to happen (due to needing to update the client as well), it has now been automated - the restart occurs simply by the press of a button.

New Parallax

Contributed by DogZeroX

Astronomers are baffled after noticing that space looks completely different from how it did yesterday, but many agree that the new look is much prettier.


Contributed by PJB

One of the most common engines has finally arrived… in the form of a delicious and energy-rich meal! …What?

Magic Spellbook

Contributed by keronshb

The Department of Occult Affairs has stumbled across a genuine magic spellbook capable of feats such as teleportation, creating magical barriers, summoning creatures, and more. Crewmembers are advised to be on the lookout for runes and other mystical shenanigans.



Contributed by Veritius

Crewmembers can now provide a short description of any not-readily-apparent physical characteristics or any other aspects they wish to describe about themselves.

If you intend to abuse this opportunity, refer to the section immediately below this one.

New Smites

Contributed by moony

Admins now have access to twenty-one (21) new smites for applying creative punishments to crewmembers that don’t quite earn a ban. Rather than go through all of them, we’re just going to leave you with a picture containing most of the smite icons and let you work out for yourself what these fresh hells might entail. Don’t get yourself banished to the chess dimension.

Space Ambience

Contributed by ike709

It turns out sound does travel in the vacuum of space, and it’s full of beats to relax to as you drift through the endless void waiting for your oxygen to run out! Below is only a short preview, but you can listen to the two full tracks here and here.

Rebalanced Space Damage

Contributed by EmoGarbage404 & juliangiebel

Due to the high fatality rate of unprotected EVAs and hull breaches—and more importantly the cost of cloning replacement crew—Central Command has retooled the genetic makeup of crewmembers to ensure a minimum of one (1) minute of unprotected survivability in the harsh vacuum of space.

Additionally, there’s a new medipen in survival boxes to help with space exposure and some emergency lockers now contain emergency suits.

Nanotrasen Interns

Contributed by mirrorcult

Someone informed HR about the concept of unpaid interns, so all entry-level employees have been demoted reassigned to the new role of departmental interns. They’ll be paid in experience, and if they delivering enough coffee to their superiors they’ll be promoted to full employees in no time.

The four new jobs include:

  • Technical Assistant (Engineering)
  • Medical Intern (Medical)
  • Service Worker (Service)
  • Security Cadet (Security)

Additionally, Assistants have been demoted to Passengers. We both know they weren’t actually assisting anyone.

Polymorphs & Transformation

Contributed by EmoGarbage404

It’s a bird… It’s a mouse… It’s… a crewmember? Entities are now capable of transforming into different entities and back to their original form, unless of course an admin smites you.

Immovable Rod

Contributed by mirrorcult

All stations have a new hazard to be on the lookout for, the Immovable Rod. It’ll go through a station like a pulse rifle through a greyshirt, so try not to cross paths with any.

And remember—the rod is immovable, the rest of the universe is what’s moving. Pray that it never encounters an unstoppable force.

Random Metadata

Contributed by mirrorcult

Variety is the spice of life, and as such it’s now possible for things to have random names or descriptions. You won’t believe all the things ATV can stand for.

Industrial & Advanced Welders

Contributed by Peptide90

Engineers have some new welders that they can occasionally find in their lockers or on salvage wrecks: The Industrial Welder with a 250u fuel tank and the Advanced Industrial Welder which is 1.3x faster.

The total range of welders is shown below and goes from left to right: Experimental, Advanced Industrial, Industrial, Standard, Mini (Emergency)


Contributed by EmoGarbage404

To alleviate ongoing labor shortages, Central Command has began experimenting with using necromancy on deceased crewmembers. They are resilient against various environmental hazards, but susceptible to physical trauma and may fall apart. Skeletons in such a state will need to be reassembled by hand.

Cat Ears

Contributed by Peptide90

OwO what’s this? (Author’s Note: Never writing that again…) Traitors can now waste their telecrystals on a set of cat ears. Alternatively, it can be rarely found as loot. Side effects of wearing cat ears include being forced to talk like an idiot.

Extended Access

Contributed by PJB

Central Command acknowledges that doing your job can be a bit harder on undercrewed stations, and in such cases your ID cards will have additional access enabled to make your job easier.

For example, when extended access is in effect the Botanist will have Kitchen access and Medical Doctors will have Chemistry access added on top of their normal access.

New Crates

Contributed by youarereadingthis, magmodius, Peptide90, Macoron, lapatison, & keronshb

Cargo has received a manifest of new crates available for order, including:

  • Shuttle Assembly Crate
  • Electronics Crate
  • Mice Crate
  • Kitchen Supplies Crate

Rumor has it that the Syndicate are now offering their agents the chance to buy surplus crates, with random gear at extremely reduced prices.

Additionally, after a few lawsuits the latches on crates have been loosened a bit and will now allow trapped crewmembers to resist out of them.


Contributed by vulppine & DogZeroX

In an effort to improve morale, Central Command has relaxed the dress code policy to allow various tattoos, extrusions, and other markings on company property employees’ bodies.

Wires Refactor

Contributed by vulppine

All engineers are advised that a new, cheaper more efficient circuit board supplier has resulted in doors and potentially other machines becoming much more dangerous and more varied in wire functionality. Wires can also shock anyone who touches them without insulated gloves. Additionally, cutting a door’s power wire now causes it to become electrified and extremely dangerous until a multitool is used to reset the door’s power.

Better Spacewind, Removed Spacewind

Contributed by Tomeno & DogZeroX

Explosive decompression, also known as space wind, flows a bit differently now and should generally yeet people in the direction of pressure differentials, as shown in the video below. It’s a lot more realistic and makes more sense than the existing algorithm.

However… Space wind has also been entirely disabled for the time being pending further changes. This is a config option, so other servers can reenable it if they wish and take advantage of the improved yeeting showcased in this video.

Round Start & End Audio

Contributed by metalgearsloth

Some audio changes have been made to round start/end, including:

  • An audio ping now denotes that the round is starting, so you know it’s time to Alt+Tab from Reddit or whatever
  • Lobby music will play again at round-end (unless disabled in audio settings)
  • APC destroyed mission accomplished

Combat Changes

Contributed by mirrorcult

The new Employee Defensive Combat Training Initiative™ has rolled out some new policies for its hand-to-hand combat training. Crewmembers will now perform a direct attack when directly hitting something, and will wide-attack in other circumstances.

Power Monitoring Console

Contributed by 20kdc

The Engineering Department has received a new console to monitor both power sources and loads. No more excuses for generating insufficient power or accidentally disconnecting all of the SMES units!

Power Sink

Contributed by Veritius

The Syndicate have provided traitors with another tool from SS13, the power sink. This bad boy can drain up to 300 kW and then goes out with a bang.

Speech Noises

Contributed by hubismal

Central Command noticed that crewmembers and vending machines didn’t actually make any audible sounds when speaking, and this… deficiency… has now been rectified.

Typing Indicator

Contributed by Macoron

Central Command has noted a 30% decrease in awkward conversations after the addition of chat bubbles, which now pop up when someone is typing.

Minor Changes

Due to length constraints, not everything can get a dedicated section in the progress report and instead will be found listed here. This list is non-exhaustive but covers most player-facing changes.

New Features

  • Added shot glasses to the bar vendor. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Added vomiting. Contributed by Rane
  • Replaced Flip-Flap with a higher quality version. Contributed by 20kdc
  • Medical scanners are now climbable. Contributed by themias
  • Added the Gromit funny dog mug. Contributed by Daemon
  • Muting lobby music now mutes round-end music. Contributed by ike709
  • Added filing cabinets and the CE’s stamp. Contributed by Fishfish458
  • Replaced the health alert visuals. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Alerts are now background-transparent. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Animals can now resist out of inventories. Contributed by keronshb
  • Servers can now specify their own rules file. Contributed by ike709
  • Cargo telepads now use machine linking. Contributed by HoofedEar
  • NPCs can open doors. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added random names for lizards. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Thrown pies now transfer reagents. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • Glass external/shuttle airlocks now pass light. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Added directional sprites for ghosts. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Added construction for glass airlocks. Contributed by ShadowCommander
  • Added new vault walls. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Added the Mr. Chang’s vending machine. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Popups and speech bubbles are now occluded. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • New bullet impact sounds. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added a connection sound for internals. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added bullet flyby sounds. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added nine new paintings. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Entities now gib when microwaved. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added a mini gravity generator. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added a “BRB” sign. Contributed by efzapa
  • Added mousetraps. Contributed by vulppine
  • Substations and SMES units are now denoted as unanchored when examined. Contributed by youarereadingthis
  • All animals and pets can now carry diseases. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added a new chime for announcements. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added min/max player count support to gamemodes. Contributed by Putnam3145
  • Added gas tank dispensers. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Airlocks now trap air in their tile. Contributed by Zumorica
  • Crayons are now edible. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Vending machines now throw items when the “Eject” wire is cut. Contributed by vulppine
  • Added various powercells to the lathe menu. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • Trash bags and botany bags can now directly empty into disposals or onto tables. Contributed by Rane
  • Added several new lobby songs. Contributed by WTCWR68 & DogZeroX
  • Added recipes for several shotgun shells. Contributed by UKNOWH

Fixes, Tweaks, and Balancing

  • Re-added water and fuel tanks to cargo. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Fixed ID card consoles showing nuke op access. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Reworked and rebalanced stun batons. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Janibelts can hold light replacers. Contributed by themias
  • Fixed empty power cells exploding in microwaves. Contributed by themias
  • Fixed two laser guns not firing. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • Nerfed zombies. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Mice and drones now render at the correct layer. Contributed by themias
  • Buffed Dexalin Plus and Stellibinin. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • All mobs now slow when damaged. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Some mobs can no longer pull things. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Potted plants no longer block mobs. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Buffed space medipens. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • Nerfed tasers. Contributed by Emisse
  • Blood no longer slips. Contributed by Emisse
  • Very small damage no longer interrupts progress bars. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Hid Sandbox from the vote menu. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added a minimum delay before repeating a station event. Contributed by ike709
  • Buffed buckets to 250u. Contributed by Emisse
  • Fixed being able to access wires without unscrewing the panel. Contributed by ike709
  • Buffed asteroids. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Added brig access to the HoP. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Anchoring is no longer spammable. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed being able to hug yourself. Get a life. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed pumps duping gasses. Contributed by TheIntoxicatedCat
  • Restart votes now default to “Abstain” instead of “No”. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed the cursor popup location. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed dead mobs being able to heal in beds. Contributed by themias
  • Fixed flying mobs being able to pass through airlocks. Contributed by Rinzii
  • Salvage mobs now die when the wreck despawns. Contributed by 20kdc
  • Removed melee while using a gun. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Lobby art no longer stretches. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Fixed gas pumps overpressurizing. Contributed by Putnam3145
  • Pizza no longer has a plate. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Fixed climbing out of clone pods and scanners. Contributed by ShadowCommander
  • Fixed lit lighters having no visible flame. Contributed by ike709
  • Fixed equipping items inside a locker. Contributed by rok-povsic
  • Inverted the screwdriver sounds. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Fixed the ready button becoming inaccessible. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Removed sec access from syndie segways. Contributed by Veritius
  • Fixed dead/stunned mice being able to escape inventories. Contributed by Rane
  • Two-handed weapons can no longer be disarmed. Contributed by UKNOWH
  • Fixed camera lurching on vehicles. Contributed by Rane
  • Merged the sugar and glucose reagents. Contributed by Rane
  • Fixed lathe queues getting stuck. Contributed by Rane
  • Fixed dropping items when failing to insert them into storage. Contributed by Mirino97
  • Made tile placement less jank. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Nerfed slips. Contributed by Absolute-Potato
  • Disabled drones (for now). Contributed by Veritius
  • Fixed thirst not causing a speed debuff. Contributed by MLGTASTICa
  • Increased the time to strip items. Contributed by HoofedEar
  • Fixed pneumatic cannons. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Fixed being able to telepathically unstick C4. Contributed by Macoron
  • Nerfed throwing tiles and bolas. Contributed by Peptide90
  • Fixed items flying really fast when slipped. Contributed by keronshb
  • Fixed hardhat lights. Contributed by themias
  • Fixed disabling OOC not disabling the Discord relay. Contributed by ike709
  • Lord Singuloth will now eat overwhelmed containment generators. Contributed by wrexbe
  • Fixed RPGs and China Lakes immediately exploding when fired. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Increased power usage of laser guns. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Fixed gas heater/freezer upgrading. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed audio being occluded by non-hard things. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed Lord Singuloth bouncing off the station. Contributed by moony
  • Fixed emergency lights clipping through walls. Contributed by PJB
  • Fixed action icons sometimes being blank. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Various crash fixes and performance optimizations. Contributed by many people
  • Various collision fixes. Contributed by many people



Contributed by Timrod

Waystation, a map originally from /vg/station, has been recreated in SS14 to replace Packed Station as a low/mid pop map.


Client Profiling System

Contributed by PJB

I wrote a simple log-based profiling system, with the intent of making it easier to help weed out stutters and other performance issues. The internal data stored is extremely simple, so performance overhead at runtime is absolutely minimal. Profiles are viewed in the pop-out developer window, to avoid cluttering the main game. It’s not the most advanced tool, but it was certainly fun to write.


Contributors Since Last Progress Report

555 commits, authored by: 20kdc, abregado, Absolute-Potato, Acruid, Clyybber, Daemon, DogZeroX, DrSmugleaf, efzapa, ElectroSR, Emisse, EmoGarbage404, Fishfish458, freeman2651, HoofedEar, hubismal, ike709, juliangiebel, JustinTrotter, keronshb, lapatison, Macoron, magmodius, metalgearsloth, Mirino97, mirrorcult, MLGTASTICa, moony, Morb0, PaulRitter, Peptide90, PJB, Putnam3145, Rane, Rinzii, rok-povsic, ShadowCommander, TheIntoxicatedCat, themias, TimrodDX, Tomeno, UKNOWH, Veritius, vulppine, wrexbe, WTCWR68, youarereadingthis, Zumorica


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