Progress Report #37: Love, Geoff, and Robots

Contributed by DrSmugleaf, ike709 & Visne

Better late than never, we’ll hopefully get back on track soon. (And if you’d like to help contribute, progress report writers are always welcome!)



This progress report only covers July 2022. The August and September 2022 editions will follow shortly after it.


Contributed by Rane

Security reports that a variety of medibots, cleanbots, and more were smuggled aboard the latest cargo shuttle resupply. They have offered to overlook this unfortunate mishap in exchange for a cleanbot to remove bloodstains trash from holding cells.

Identity & Disguises

Contributed by mirrorcult

After several successful implantations of telepathic inhibitors, crewmembers are now able to disguise their identity from each other by hiding IDs, covering their faces, and so on.

Crewmembers are discouraged from engaging in any anonymous tomfoolery or criminal activity.

Magic Staves & Wands

Contributed by mirrorcult

The Wizard Federation has begun supplying a new arsenal of magic staves and wands to its agents. In the event that you are spontaneously turned into a magic fish, please report to Security for immediate termination.

Damage Masks

Contributed by metalgearsloth

Taking damage now comes with more visual feedback in the form of damage overlays.

Disease Stages

Contributed by EmoGarbage404

CentCom Virologists have released a new disease classification system, splitting up disease effects and cures into unique stages based on disease progression.

Generally speaking, earlier stages have milder symptoms and are more easily treatable, so crewmembers are advised to report to medical ASAP if they feel more sickly and disgusting than usual.

Movement Refactor

Contributed by metalgearsloth

Movement has been refactored, resulting in a variety of code cleanup, tweaks, and improvements. The most obvious player-facing change is that vehicles are now predicted and should generally feel more responsive. Vehicles also have acceleration now, so the laws of physics should be slightly less violated.

Additionally, shuttles can now brake (spacebar) and have separate keys for strafing and rotating.

Portable Scrubbers

Contributed by Rane

Atmospherics has received a shipment of portable scrubbers. It should now be easier to make a room habitable again after acts of sabotage incompetence accidental gas release.

Shuttle FTL

Contributed by metalgearsloth

All shuttle navigation computers have received an update which, among other things, enables more shuttles to FTL to CentCom in an emergency.

Please be advised that the navigation data may have been intercepted by a hostile Syndicate planet.


Contributed by metalgearsloth

After a series of lawsuits, crewmembers are no longer perpetually amped up on epinephrine and amphetamines; instead, everyone is now susceptible to stamina damage!

Work on your dodging skills or disabler beams will have you stunned in no time, but you’re no longer prone to falling over from a single shot of a taser.

Sleeping & Blinding

Contributed by Rane

As a result of the aforementioned stamina changes and lawsuits, crewmembers are now permitted to sleep as needed.

To help crewmembers in this endeavor, a supply of blindfolds sleep masks have been issued to all stations. Blindfolds can be acquired from Security by pretending to be able to shoot lasers from your eyes. Crewmembers that can actually shoot lasers from their eyes are advised to report to Medical as soon as possible.

Blocking & Shields

Contributed by keronshb

Security has received a new shipment of riot shields, which have the ability to Block™ incoming attacks. This should hopefully be self-explanatory, but blocking attacks is encouraged whenever possible to mitigate incoming damage.

Boxers (Not the Underwear)

Contributed by Rane

One of the first station-restricted jobs has been added: Crewmembers can now join as the Boxer aboard Lighthouse Station.

“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” - Rocky Balboa

Event Music

Contributed by ike709

Events can now play lofi hip hop beats to relax/study/die horribly to. As an example, sick tunes will now play when the nuclear device is armed. There’s a short preview below but you can listen to the full thing here.


Contributed by mirrorcult

Atmospherics has received approval to begin producing and deploying Frezon, a new gas with a variety of effects such as:

  • Rapidly cooling/depressurizing rooms and suppressing fires
  • Reacting with nitrogen to form nitrous oxide
  • Reacting with miasma to make lots of miasma
  • Getting high*

*Nanotrasen waives all responsibility for any brain damage resulting from Frezon™ inhalation

Zombies Game Mode

Contributed by EmoGarbage404


Antagonist Menu

Contributed by drakewill-CRL

Admins have a new tool full of potential for abuse enhancing the round—the antag menu! At the click of a button anybody can be turned into a traitor, nuke op, or any other wacky antagonist role.

Minor Changes

New Features

  • Added lathe recipe tooltips Contributed by ElectroSR
  • You can now drink from mop buckets. Contributed by jessicamaybe
  • pAIs can play MIDIs again Contributed by DoctorBeard
  • Maps can now be saved Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Re-added cargo order manifests and added more info to them. Contributed by Rinkashikachi
  • ID cards can now be examined while worn Contributed by ike709
  • Added the proto-kinetic accelerator Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added another 15 new admin smites Contributed by moony
  • Blood loss now causes dizziness Contributed by Rane
  • New snow footstep sound effect Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added a vampire cloak Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Unique speech sounds for lizards and slimes Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Added the salvage vendor Contributed by Peptide90
  • Altars now emit light Contributed by Deahaka
  • Added the map name to PDAs Contributed by ike709
  • Added two new markings for lizards Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Added the reinforcement teleporter to uplinks Contributed by Rane
  • Observers can now warp to the nuke disk Contributed by Rane
  • Added more space ambience. Listen here Contributed by ike709
  • Research servers can be selected in protolathes Contributed by HoofedEar
  • The direction of the escape shuttle is now announced. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added monastic robes Contributed by Deahaka
  • Latejoin crew can now be traitors Contributed by Rane
  • Added a monkey polymorph wand Contributed by Pangogie
  • Added the Donut-Vend Contributed by Deahaka
  • Added hospital curtains Contributed by Deahaka
  • Added operating tables Contributed by Deahaka
  • Added an “ERROR” entity. Please install Counter Strike. Contributed by sunbear-dev
  • Added current station time to the game lobby Contributed by jessicamaybe
  • Added altars Contributed by Deahaka
  • Added telescreens and TV flatscreens Contributed by Peptide90
  • Added the MagiVend Contributed by Ablankmann
  • Added rusted walls Contributed by Peptide90
  • Re-implemented recoil Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added batch cooking Contributed by themias
  • Added Kvass. Rush B comrades. Contributed by KIBORG04
  • Added new lobby art Contributed by hubismal
  • Added different styles for instruments Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added shuttle windows Contributed by Ablankmann
  • Added new alert sounds Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Added a sound effect for attacks with no damage Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added more airlock types Contributed by 13spacemen
  • Emergency light color now matches the alert level Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Dragons are now pettable Contributed by Aerocrux
  • Bots are now pettable Contributed by jproads
  • Added an under-pressure lockout to air vents Contributed by notafet
  • Added support for job-specific traitor items Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • You can now knock on shutters Contributed by themias
  • Added an alert for gas tank internals Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added sell prices to water/fuel tanks Contributed by ike709
  • Popups can now have different styles Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added the new Tongue Twister disease Contributed by jessicamaybe
  • The launcher now shows each server’s max playercount Contributed by Aerocrux
  • Added per-map parallax support Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • New alarm sound effect Contributed by Kimpes
  • Added bullet impact effects Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Glass shards now damage barefoot mobs Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added chicken egg laying Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Audio occlusion is now multithreaded Contributed by 20kdc

Fixes, Tweaks, and Balancing

  • Fixed the connection timeout config Contributed by PJB3005
  • Fixed interaction outline jank at high speeds Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Misc shader changes Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed pitch scale variation Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed a rare bug where tiles don’t depressurize Contributed by Zumorica
  • Increased cable cutting delay Contributed by Mirino97
  • Massively increased cargo shuttle call cooldown Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Fixed flaming mobs not setting other mobs on fire Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Prevent errorneous materials from being inserted into lathes Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Extra bright lantern now flashes you Contributed by asperger-sind
  • Shuttle brakes now use thrusters Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed mob throwing Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Explosive armor is now multiplicative instead of additive Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Doubled shotgun shell ammo box capacity Contributed by Peptide90
  • Rebalanced security & medical techfabs Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Smite spell now has knockback Contributed by AJCM-git
  • Fixed force-feeding pills Contributed by themias
  • Fixed Phalanximine description Contributed by Myctai
  • Nuke ops now start with pinpointers Contributed by Level10Cybermancer
  • Fixed medical techfabs and added bodybags to them Contributed by Rane
  • Fixed makeshift laser construction Contributed by Zumorica
  • Nerfed disease outbreaks Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed various hand-interaction bugs Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed some objects becoming (un)weldable Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed blindness Contributed by Rane
  • Healing yourself is now slower than having others do it Contributed by Rane
  • Pneumatic cannon shots no longer feed/inject people Contributed by Rane
  • Thieving gloves now actually hide stripping messages Contributed by Level10Cybermancer
  • Identity popup fixes Contributed by ElectroSR
  • People in doorways can no longer block attacks Contributed by keronshb
  • Instrument style can now be changed while playing them Contributed by Zumorica
  • Taking a blood sample now includes a reagents sample from the mob Contributed by Rane
  • Massively reduced stomach capacity Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Storage insertion failure now tells you why it failed Contributed by ike709
  • Disarm is now deselected after each use Contributed by AJCM-git
  • Minor rules tweaks Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Passive gates now equalize pressure instantly Contributed by notafet
  • Muzzle flash enhancements Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Practice shotgun shells are now nonlethal Contributed by themias
  • Tweaked mob satiety Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Fixed a reagent dupe exploit Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed t-ray scanner flickering Contributed by themias
  • Fixed the emergency shuttle not warping in when no docks are free Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Buffed the noob tube Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • High velocity magazines now contain high velocity bullets Contributed by Myctai
  • Jetpack quality-of-life tweaks Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Nerfed kudzu Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Steal objective now tells you where to steal it from Contributed by Rane
  • Redesigned footstep sounds Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Buffed pill volume back to 50u Contributed by Myctai
  • Fixed disappearing decals Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Forensic pads & reports are now auto-labeled Contributed by Rane
  • The nuke now anchors itself and announces its location when armed Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Becoming a zombie is now more obvious Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Handless mobs can no longer open storage or toggle locks Contributed by zerorulez
  • Fixed missing syndibag sprite Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Fixed curtains not closing if a mob is colliding with them Contributed by HoofedEar
  • Reduced shuttle transit time Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Shuttles can no longer be recalled after the half-way point Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Fixed vomit mopping Contributed by themias
  • Salvage magnet announcements now broadcast on the Supply frequency Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Disabled restart votes when admins are online Contributed by moony
  • Security now has external access Contributed by Peptide90
  • Fixed remote piloting rotation Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • The nuke disk can no longer be ejected from armed nukes. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Miasma outbreaks now give everyone the same disease Contributed by Rane
  • Nerfed outer clothing size/movespeed Contributed by Peptide90
  • Removed the xeno accent Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Fixed morgues and bodybags not stopping rotting Contributed by Rane
  • Bartender now starts with a double barrel Contributed by Daemon
  • pAIs can now only hear Common radio Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Xenos are now insulated and disease-proof Contributed by Mirino97
  • Fixed directional window draw depth Contributed by Delete69
  • Fixed various blocking bugs Contributed by keronshb
  • Gas pipes now need to be unanchored to deconstruct Contributed by Zumorica
  • Fixed injector sprite Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Fixed a lobby countdown typo Contributed by Duddino
  • Various identity fixes Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Fixed the nuke ops uplink Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Lockers/morgues/etc now properly take items Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Radar zooming is now smooth Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • FTL warp now arrives closer Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Various damage overlay fixes Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed the syndie headset description Contributed by asperger-sind
  • Removed overfed/overhydrated alerts Contributed by Rane
  • Fixed various misspellings of CentComT Contributed by Myctai
  • Removed Necronomicon from syndie bundles Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Unanchored nukes can no longer be armed Contributed by moony
  • Various zombie fixes Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Players with any job selected can now be spawned as nuke ops Contributed by Morb0
  • Added backpacks to ClothesMates Contributed by Level10Cybermancer
  • Fixed a glass duplication exploit Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Made barozine safer and more useful Contributed by Myctai
  • Fixed delay progress bars flickering Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed the damage type of thruster burns Contributed by Myctai
  • Replaced survival box chocolate with tinned meat Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Dead player LOOC now goes to deadchat instead Contributed by Rane
  • Reduced the distance at which you can eat/drink things Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Fixed pulling randomly canceling Contributed by moony
  • Buffed pulling movespeed Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Reduced the max nuke op count by one Contributed by Pangogie
  • Fixed magboots in space Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Fixed cursor popups Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Syringes can now go in medical belts Contributed by corentt
  • Fixed gravity mispredicting Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Removed pressure resistance from firesuits Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Increased size of desk lamps and floodlights Contributed by Peptide90
  • Disarm chance now factors in mass, damage, and stamina Contributed by Rane
  • Miasma is no longer visible until it’s a problematic amount Contributed by Rane
  • Fixed various visual bugs for held/equipped items Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Syndie shoulder holsters now accept melee weapons too Contributed by Myctai
  • Fixed some helmets being invisible Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Reduced PKA recharge time Contributed by mirrorcult


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