Contributed by EmoGarbage404

Artifacts have gotten a big overhaul with the introduction of XenoArcheology! A new subdepartment of Science, XenoArch revolves around exploring the graph-like structure of artifacts; each node is randomly generated with its own effects and triggers. Unlocking these nodes generates points, but be careful! The artifact might throw you, shatter windows, deliver a carp straight to your face, or just leave you in a bad mood: the possibilities are endless!

These changes also include an overhauled tech tree and a variety of new machines and items. Go do some science and discover all the new goodies!


Contributed by EmoGarbage404

After several years of over-budget and misguided development, the science team has finally created Cargo’s beloved mech, the Ripley. For use only for sanctioned cargo transfer (but who cares about the rules?)

PDA Catridges & UI Overhaul

Contributed by juliangiebel

Thinktronic has released a new version of RobustOS™ for all PDA tablets. It includes a complete UI rewrite, support for installing programs via cartridges, a crew manifest, and it now comes in a variety of new colors.

NetProbe Cartridge

Contributed by juliangiebel

NetProbe is one of the first all-new PDA cartridges. Use it on any networked device to see its network info, and it can store up to 9 entries!

Space Station XIV Lobby Screen

Contributed by keronshb, art by

Welcome to Space Station XIV Online

Rapid Parts Exchange Device

Contributed by EmoGarbage404

Scientists, rejoice! The Rapid Parts Exchange Device is now available. Just fill it up with parts, whack a machine with it, and the upgrade is complete!

Button & Airlock Device Linking

Contributed by rolfero

Engineering uncrossed some wires in the airlock circuitry, so now you can link buttons and levers to them and windoors. Assuming you have access, of course.

Target Dummies & Practice Guns

Contributed by Daemon

After repeated friendly-fire incidents, Central Command has decided to supply Security with a variety of practice targets and a practice laser gun. All officers are encouraged to spend some time at the range. A subsequent request for clarification confirmed that tying up the Clown for target practice is still permitted as long as non-lethal weaponry is used.

Fax Machines

Contributed by Morb0

You can now pester Central Command with state-of-the-art fax machines.


Contributed by EmoGarbage404

Intercoms have been added. Unfortunately the marketing department couldn’t come up with anything clever to say about it.


Contributed by eclips_e

After several complaints from the Chaplain, the Captain has agreed to let crewmembers use the altar to pray to whatever gods may be listening. Tread lightly, or risk invoking their wrath.

Subdermal Implants

Contributed by keronshb

Subdermal implants are now available for implantation. They come in a variety of flavors such as trackers, bombs, and storage units.

Job Descriptions

Contributed by mirrorcult

After numerous complaints in some variation of “That’s not in the job description!”, Central Command has now written job descriptions for all roles. You can read them via the job priority screen.


Contributed by EmoGarbage404

Central Command has approved the employment of Diona aboard the station. They’re a real tree-t to be around and they wood love to help out.


Courser Emergency Evacuation Shuttle

Contributed by Cheackraze

The Courser is the latest and greatest emergency shuttle for getting the hell out of dodge.

Minor Changes

Due to length constraints, not everything can get a dedicated section in the progress report and instead will be found listed here.

As of Progress Report 39, the Minor Changes section is now auto-generated from SS14’s in-game changelog. So if you read the changelog, you won’t see anything new here and you can skip to the next section.

Minor Features/Fixes/Balancing

  • Added the technology disk terminal, where you can exchange 2500 research points for a random technology disk. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added the Traversal Distorter, a machine capable of pushing Artifacts’ random node traversal in certain directions. Simply place an artifact on the machine and you can choose how you want to encourage it. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • CentCom now calls the shuttle automatically after a long round. Contributed by notafet
  • Added the Node Scanner, which can identify the ID of an artifact’s node with a single click. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Item artifacts. Artifact spawns may now spawn handheld artifacts, which have a suite of new triggers and very useful effects, with more coming. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • The radar shown in mass scanners and shuttle consoles now resizes gracefully, scaling as expected with whatever breathing room it has!. Contributed by deathride58
  • Radiation suit and hardsuits have built-in geiger counter. Contributed by Macoron
  • Medbay can now obtain cryo pods, specialized cryogenics machines used to lower the temperature of a patient to extreme values somewhat safely to use specific chemicals, such as cryoxadone. Contributed by Carbonhell
  • Wet floor sparkles are now slightly more opaque and stay invisible for less of their animation cycle. Contributed by Willhelm53
  • All humanoid metabolized reagents should apply effects proportional to how much was taken in. Eating 0.1u of a paralyzation drug will stun you for 1/5 the time as eating 0.5u. Contributed by rane
  • The Syndicate has adjusted the price of several uplink items to encourage traitors to use more diverse strategies. Contributed by GoodWheatley
  • Added new animal, pig, and new chef’s pet-companion. Contributed by lapatison
  • All NT personnel have been trained to apply handcuffs in an aggressive manner. Contributed by dmnct
  • Added a Party crate to cargo. Contributed by Cheackraze
  • PA now activates the singularity generator again. Contributed by TemporalOroboros
  • ability to mix reactions with certain entities, included example being blood can be converted into wine using a bible at a ratio of 1:1. Contributed by timothyteakettle
  • Grids can now handle multiple gravity generators. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Wall mounted generators and substations actually mounted on a wall can now be ~punched~ reached. Contributed by dmnct
  • Vehicles now inherit access from the rider instead of having access defined on the vehicle itself. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Weld modular mines and grenades to salvage them. Contributed by deltanedas
  • Radio chat now supports department specific radio prefixes. Contributed by tgrkzus
  • Escape key clears chat input. Contributed by jicksaw
  • Fix planet footstep sound modifiers. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Toggle internals icon correctly toggles gas tanks equipped on your back. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • All station events are no longer capped at a certain number of occurrences. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • You can now put both holosign projectors and wet floor signs into the janibelt. Contributed by Interrobang01
  • Ghosts can now toggle seeing FoV. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Turrets will now shoot space targets. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added hot plates for heating up beakers. No longer are chemists bound to the humble microwave. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Burning entities now emit light. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Kick AFK players. Contributed by Morb0
  • Fixed a server error when spawning nuke ops. Contributed by DrSmugleaf
  • NPCs will now smash and pry correctly. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Dead people can no longer sleep. Contributed by dmnct
  • Nanotrasen has begun experiments with advanced locker technology. Contributed by Chief-Engineer
  • Toy ammunition boxes can be re-filled again. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • Revamped the Nuke Ops round end screen. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Intercoms can now be rotated properly. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • NT has begun distribution of books from the ‘Newton’s Guide to Atmos’ series to stations. Contributed by Chief-Engineer
  • Rat servants will pathfind under doors again. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Added bag for carrying books and cargo order to get more of them. Contributed by dontbetank
  • Admins will have an easier time running santa-related events (as santa can see inside gifts). Contributed by moony
  • Blood stains now fade out instead of becoming sparkles. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Bump NPC avoidance range and fix some instances of unapproved dancing. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • NPCs will ignore stationary allies for separation. Pets in particular will move through other stationary pets. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • NPCs will no longer stall on 1 bad path. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • The internals alert will blink again when your gas tank need to be refilled. Contributed by corentt
  • the price of food now depends on its nutritional capacity. Contributed by corentt
  • The fallback for the ‘keep another traitor alive’ condition now just gives you stay alive rather than telling you to keep yourself alive. Contributed by rane
  • Armor prices are calculated based on damage reduction. Contributed by rolfero
  • Changed the laser crate to now require armory access. Contributed by Nairodian
  • Upgradeable machines can now be examined to show the effects that the upgrades have. Contributed by 0x6273
  • Faxes received a stamp scanning module. Contributed by Morb0
  • Added forensic pads, zipties and glasses to the secfab. Contributed by Nairodian
  • Allowed gas filters to be reset to filter no gases. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • Fluids now spill slowly, rather than quantum tunneling to optimal size. Contributed by Ygg01
  • Added a practice disabler. Contributed by Cheackraze
  • Docking ports on shuttles no longer force welded doors open. Have fun welding the shuttle doors shut. Contributed by Mervill
  • The Lobby’s ready button now clearly states whether you are ready not. Hopefully this reduces confusion!. Contributed by theashtronaut
  • Added a current readied player count to the lobby info during the pre-game phase. Contributed by theashtronaut
  • Added a volume slider for the lobby & round-end music so you can enjoy it without blowing out your eardrums. Contributed by theashtronaut
  • Shot Projectiles cause impulses like it was supposed to. Contributed by Salex08
  • Stealth boxes have been rebalanced. They now require players to move slower to stay hidden, collide with bullets, and can no longer trap simple mobs. Contributed by keronshb
  • Objectives involving other traitors should be more reliable at providing traitors that are alive and not SSD. Contributed by rane
  • fixed windoor hacking. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Fixed vehicles not working. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Cat ears now cost 26tc. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Added XenoSci things and a mass scanner for salvage crew to Lighthouse. Contributed by Cheackraze
  • Overdrawing with a syringe no longer destroys the transferred solution. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Mousetraps no longer autokill cardboard box users. Contributed by keronshb
  • Droppers behave more like injectors. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • The flames of lit welders now look bright in the dark. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • You now shove people rather than “disarm” them if they aren’t holding anything. Contributed by rane
  • internals tanks with air no longer flash warning. Contributed by Bright0
  • Removed duplicate disarm popup when disarming someone with an item in their hands. Contributed by ShadowCommander
  • Clarified machine missing messages for the cloner. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • You can no longer use machines which require vision while blind. Contributed by rane
  • Added a Toggle Ghosts button on the ghost GUI to get rid of those pesky apparitions. Contributed by ShadowCommander
  • Fixed an issue where crates would clip through firelocks. Contributed by keronshb
  • Cell charger is destructible and doesn’t block mobs movement. Contributed by Macoron
  • Fixed an exploit for generating infinite materials from protolathes. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Fixed the damage/death overlay being off-centre while using the “separated” HUD layout. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Pinpointer arrow should be more accurate. Contributed by Macoron
  • Alt-clicking can now be used on hands again. Contributed by ShadowCommander
  • Wiki now displays the proper names and descriptions for chemistry recipes and the rest instead of the localization keys. Contributed by Carbonhell
  • Pets can wear breath/medical masks and air tanks. Save those pets!. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Fixed collision mispredictions when something like a locker or crates get toggled open and closed. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Ghosts can now toggle the lighting manager to be able to better observe dark areas. Contributed by Carbonhell
  • Fixed a bug allowing lathes to infinitely print items when upgraded. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • You can inject all animals with syringes now. Veterinarians rejoice!. Contributed by rane
  • Lightning is fixed to properly collide. Contributed by keronshb
  • Construction menu displays correct icon for air injector. Contributed by eoineoineoin
  • Allowed Proto-Kinetic Accelerators to be stored in the belt slot. Contributed by civilCornball
  • Melee sounds and effects are now predicted and the client should generally match the server due to lag compensation. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • The forensic scanner makes a sound when printing. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • changed the presents to be boxes and made a new present that has a surprise inside!. Contributed by Cheackraze
  • Glowstick sprites inhand are now visible. Contributed by rolfero
  • NPCs will now try to stay ~1m away from you for melee rather than 0.2m, meaning rat servants will no longer sit under you in combat. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Nanotrasen has finally ditched the paper helmet scheme! Expect your old-school security helmets to protect you now!. Contributed by asperger-sind
  • Holofans and tiny fans are airtight again. Contributed by Macoron
  • You can now inspect/strip someone through the examine tooltip again. Contributed by rolfero
  • After a very long time, speed loaders have finally been fixed. Contributed by PixelTheKermit
  • Decreased how many items can fit in a reagent grinder. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Lawyers and Librarians can spawn with the Satchel and Duffelbag variants. Contributed by Mervill
  • You can no longer sleepwalk from slipping while tired. Contributed by keronshb
  • Lighthouse Station. Contributed by OldDanceJacket
  • Fixed weird zombie attack animations. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • The coughing sounds are shorter. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Added gas miners to Pillar. Crew can now enjoy breathing!. Contributed by eoineoineoin
  • The puking noise has been removed. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Computer’s hitbox is now smaller. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • You can now print out artifact analyzer scans. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Events are now quieter. Contributed by DogZeroX
  • Some common objects that where indestructible now have proper destructible data, including Air Alarms, Surveillance Cameras and Extinguisher Cabinets. Contributed by Mervill
  • Increased the likelihood of seeing certain rare artifact effects. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Welder tanks explode when shot with projectile guns. (Also don’t poke them with a spear). Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Cognizine has a taste now. Contributed by Interrobang01
  • Fixed rich text wrapping. Contributed by PJB3005
  • Added ban list window for admins. Contributed by DrSmugleaf
  • Fixed a rounding error which would cause certain parts in machine upgrades to not work. This has mostly affected the artifact analyzer. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Combat mode no longer disables alt-clicking. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • The savage magnet now has functional LED lights. Contributed by JustinTrotter
  • Fixed LOOC chat prefix not working. Now messages starting starting with “(” just be interpreted as LOOC chat. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Origin station has been pulled temporarily due to needing re-review. Contributed by moony
  • Fixes an issue where teleporting would happen if someone raised a riot shield . Contributed by keronshb
  • Eswords can damage windows now. Contributed by GoodWheatley
  • You can’t turn chameleon hat into cat ears. Contributed by Macoron
  • Fixed a broken inhand for the fire extinguisher. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Hydroponics trays and soil now properly rotate with the player perspective. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Fixes access permissions for maintenance door on saltern. Contributed by nikthechampiongr
  • Recycler counts the number of recycled items. Contributed by Mervill
  • Fix damage effect persisting indefinitely. Contributed by metalgearsloth
  • Chameleon masks and helmets can hide your identity. Contributed by Macoron
  • The ’toggle ghosts’ button while a ghost is now an action. Contributed by mirrorcult
  • Names show during the join announcement again. Contributed by rane
  • Resprited the Detective’s Coat. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Omnitool can cut lattice and pry unpowered doors. Contributed by Macoron
  • Added machine upgrades for the medical scanner. You can now decrease the chance that cloning fails on a body. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added damage to gas tanks and utensils!. Contributed by illersaver
  • Fixed mice and other small entities becoming unable to move sometimes after they leave a container. Contributed by rane
  • the RPED can now actually be printed at protolathes. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • add missing flame to cowelder. Contributed by Gaxeer
  • Item artifacts can now be scanned. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Magnet artifacts can now be activated with magboots. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • You can no longer use an RPED to increase a generator’s power output infinitely. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Individual stations can now have specific emergency shuttles. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • Fixed a bug causing gas/fire visuals to sometimes not update properly. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • Items dropped onto a moving Conveyor by the disposal network move immediately . Contributed by Mervill
  • Fix conveyor assemblies being un-interactable after deconstruct. Contributed by Mervill
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that was causing entities to sometimes not appear (e.g., “invisible walls”). Please re-report if it reoccurs on updated servers. Contributed by ElectroSR
  • The RPG-7 can be loaded again with its proper ammo. Contributed by Vordenburg
  • Heterochromia is now available through the markings tab, located under the head section. Contributed by Scribbles0
  • Fixed missing text regarding voice triggers. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Chemists have stopped pouring dangerous chemicals into the vents. Contributed by Pangogie
  • Item artifacts can now be sprayed properly. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Nanotrasen and Syndicate revolvers have been retrofitted to use .45 magnum rounds instead of .40. Happy shooting!. Contributed by asperger-sind
  • Gas recyclers can now be upgrades to reduce the minimum required temperature and pressure. Contributed by EmoGarbage404
  • Added confirmation button for character deletion. Contributed by nikthechampiongr
  • Air Alarm UI is now easier to understand. Contributed by eoineoineoin


Contributors Since Last Progress Report

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