Website Update

Contributed by PJB3005

This isn’t an April’s Fools joke, I just happened to do this on Aprils First.

Well, the last progress report on this website happened a year ago. Where have we been?

Turns out that writing progress reports is a lot of work. It requires multiple days of work from many volunteers and it’s hard to cover all the changes since the game just keeps getting developed faster and faster. And so, nobody kept volunteering to do it and no progress reports have been written in a while.

The game is by no means dead, of course. There are still regular, daily updates to the game, engine, and everything else. Just none of that stuff was displayed on the website. Until today!

First, I added Liltenhead’s weekly update vlogs to the website. These should provide some much needed regular content again. Second, I added a display of the top English servers to the main page. I don’t like Javascript.

I do have more plans for things to do with the website, but that’s not for today.

P.S. I finally moved the main website to Finally.